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"this is my favorite character i love him so much i want to see him distressed and in emotional pain (⊙ω⊙✿)”

*character undergoes distress and emotional pain* nO I TAKE IT BACK BABY PLEASE

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peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 

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can she just get an award or something

I reblog this whenever it pops up on my dash.

So many directions she could have gone with this joke…out of infinite possibilities…she picked the best possible direction.

I love this so much

that fucking smile in the last one made me smile so wide ahhhh

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This is the highlight of my year.

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You can totally be a feminist who has insecurities. Feminism isn’t about pretending we all feel like Wonder Woman, it’s about being honest when we don’t, and having the conversation on why that is.

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all boobs are good boobs

all stomachs are good stomachs

all thighs are good thighs 

all bodies are good bodies

yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it

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